" Flutter effects, pulses, droning and filter sweeps " - Captain Rattlehead, Offering Webzine

Everything you have to know about Zalys' current events


Release of album "Sublime", remastered version of title-track "Summoning the Phoenix", appearance on a sympho-black metal compilation and many more

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How many records did I release ?

"The Icarus System" is the sequel of "Towards the Sun" and "Infinity" and the fourth part of the concept. The planet Icarus and its three moons draw the attention of...

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The ideal place to listen and watch Zalys' compositions


"Diamonds in Scorpio's Tail" has been uploaded on YouTube by ADDA with a very nice description talking about the story behind this peculiar track as well as his opinion

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Zalys got some reviews from all over the world


"S'il vous arrive de penser que le monde qui vous entoure a perdu toute sa magie et qu'il n'a guère de chance de la retrouver, c'est que vous ne connaissez pas Zalys !..."

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"Flares" remix

Jon Bartholomew made a great mix of my track "Flares" with the "Aurora" piece from Hans Zimmer. This creates a nice space and melancholic track. Very interesting. You can check it at 1:01:27. Thanks Jon for your work !

Release of "Sublime"

Reverse Aligmnent Records and I are proud to release a new album called "Sublime". From the aesthetic term, it refers to "a greatness beyond of all possibility of calculation, measurement or imitation. It inspired awe and veneration". This is for me one of the most excited definition of space !

This album is composed of 7 tracks and includes the EP "Lux in Tenebris" released in March 2015. The tracks deal mostly with the great nature of space and especially nebulas. That explains the artwork, first designed by the Icelander Studios and lay-out by Kristian from Reverse Alignment.

Pre-order is available on Bandcamp, on the label's page for the digital and physical version, and on my personal bandcamp for the physical version only. It will be a nice digipack version for all the CD lovers.

Tracklist :

1. Cosmic DNA

2. Kepler 186 f

3. Lux in Tenebris

4. Beneath the Surface

5. Drifting Through Time and Space

6. Radiant Star

7. The Nebula's Wishes

This is Halloween !


To celebrate this event in music, I composed 4 tracks for a little EP called "The Haunted Moon". When I'm not composing ambient music, I'm experimenting on dark symphonic tracks and here are some of my tracks. "Cemetery of Forgotten Souls" and "Abyssus" are original tracks while "The Post-Modern Prometheus" and "JJ's DIner" are two covers from the X-Files series (season 5 episode 5). Enjoy it !

1- Cemetery of Forgotten Souls

2- Abyssus

3- The Post-Modern Prometheus (The X-Files / Mark Snow Cover)

4- JJ's Diner (The X-Files / Mark Snow Cover)

Lux In Tenebris

No, this is not a coincidence, but obviously a direct tribute to the solar eclipse that occurred on March 20th 2015. 

A solar eclipse is when the Moon passes between Earth and the Sun, thereby totally or partly obscuring the image of the Sun for a viewer on Earth. 

I wanted to depict this astral event with this record, focusing on contrasts. Both lightness and darkness are represented through those two tracks, It is ethereal and oppressive at the same time, warm and cold. 

Title-track "Lux in Tenebris" was written very recently, almost in one go. It is mostly "space ambient" and is closer to the first tracks I've released. 

"Drifting Through Time and Space" is quite old (composed mostly in 2014) and is definitely more focused on dark ambient with modern elements.

Tracklist :

1- Lux In Tenebris (08:41)

2- Drifting Through Time and Space (12:44)

Release of "Reminiscences"

On September, 10th 2015, Spanish label Arecibo Records released the 8th records "Reminiscences".

"Reminiscences" is the sequel of "The Icarus System" released on september 2014. Still alone in his spaceship, the protagonist is more and more experiencing the sentiment of solitude that demolishes his spirit. A leak in the machine room does not help at all either, as he gets affected by hallucinations and visions. Reminiscences of the past are tormenting him as he is slowly remembering the different events that occured on his planet just after the apocalypse and just before his leaving on his home-made ship.

1- Leaking in the Machine Room

2- Aftermath

3- Hopeless Mind

4- Downfall

5- Into Oblivion

6- Industrial Dementia

7- System Failure

8- Reminiscences

9- The Last Remains of Humanity

Another track on "Bunker"

Vertical Green Productions unleashed the 10th episode of BUNKER on January 30th 2015 featuring my track "Distorted Perception" in a thrilling scene. Don't miss it !

Bunker web-series

Italian producer Vittorio Gazzera gave a chance to independent dark ambient artists to appear on the soundtracks of his new low budget web-series called "Bunker". As a result, track "Icarus" from the Icarus system's album will be present on the ost !


BUNKER is about a man locked in...a bunker (of course) after a deadly pandemic with a teddy bear as a strange pal. 

More infos : http://verticalgreenproductions.it/