Title-track "Reminiscences" on SoundCloud

Arecibo Records posted on SoundCloud the title-track "Reminiscences"

"Icarus" and "Distorted Perception" to appear on Italian web-series

Track "Icarus" has been chosen to appear on the OST on an Italin web-series produced by Vittorio Gazzera, as well as "Distorted Perception". More info on the HEADLINES

"The Icarus System" now available

September, 20th 2014 is the release date of "The Icarus System", still mixing dark ambient, space ambient and futuristic touches.


Expect a little more epic and electronic elements in this fourth chapter !


You can listen to it and download it for FREE

New album : The Icarus System

After a busy summer without updates, I'm glad to announce that the new album is complete and ready to be released ! It is a new chapter in the journey of the "space wanderer" as he is approchaing the Icarus System. Will he find what he is looking for?




1. Sounds of Planets

2. Icarus

3. The Second Moon

4. Orbital

5. Of Dreams and Dust

6. The Next Step

7. Summoning the Phoenix (Remastered Version - Bonus Track)


"The Icarus System" will be available as a FREE / Name Your Price download on Bandcamp.


In the Meantime, you can check out the album preview on Soundcloud just below


September, 4th 2014


I started to try to remaster the tracks from the album "Summoning the Phoenix" as there were quite compact with lots of sub-basses and frequences. 


As the result, here is the remastered title-track. Enjoy :3


New review on Brutal Resonance

September, 2nd 2014 Steven from webzine Brutal Resonance wrote a nice review of "Towards the Sun" and gave it a score of 7 out of 10!

"Dark ambient is good, but when sci-fi elements blend in with the genre, it creates something just so much more pleasant to the ear. And Zalys allows that to happen easily. Give this artist a listen to"

You can find the full review following this link:


Support on facebook

More than 230 likes, a big thank ! It's time to unveil a new track called "Preludium". It will be the introduction of a symphonic black metal compilation soon to be released (I know, there's nothing to do with dark ambient).However, this is a dark instrumental and orchestral track not so different from what I've done before. Check this out !

Split album with Hulduefni

Months and months have passed since the announcement of the release of the split CD "Crossing the Asteroid Field" with one-man project Hulduefni from Portugal.


Supposed to be released in 2013 shortly after "Summoning the Phoenix", this split-album is composed of tracks that should have been included on the second full length but that did not really fit the atmosphere I wanted. 


Zalys's three tracks deal with a trip among asteroids. The atmosphere is mainly threatening with some little strange sounds. Not the best tracks I have ever composed but I hope you will have a great moment.

Check the label's website outhttp://darkmatterrecords.blogspot.pt/


Infinity - EP

To celebrate the first birthday of Zalys's project, here is a little gift ! Two new tracks of Space/Dark Ambient that will make you fly away in the cosmos:


1- Infinity (which refers to the vastness and the infinity of the universe : where does it end?)

2- Diamonds in Scorpio's Tail (dedicated to a star cluster in the Scorpio's Constellation)


Release on March, 26th 2014