Created in march 2013, Zalys is a French one-woman project focusing on deep space ambient and ethereal atmospheres.


The main goal is to take the listeners into the cosmos where the brightness meets the darkness, where the warmth of the stars mixes with the coldness of the void, where serenity and threat are like one.

A sci-fi concept leads us from album to another. We follow a protagonist, a "space wanderer", who left his planet just before its destruction. On board of his spaceship, he is drifting alone in the cosmos, with two aims : discover the mysteries and beauties of the universe, and find surviving humans.

So far, four chapters have been released : “Wandering Through Space", "Summoning the Phoenix", "Towards the Sun" and “The Icarus System". Other materials are proposed to highlight the magnificence of cosmos such as Infinity a two-tracks EP focusing on bright melodies and atmospheres. Split-albums have also been releases with bands like Saturn Form Essence of Hulduefni in order to add some more visions of space and feelings.


Zalys's project can be as minimalist as original and experimental as it is a combination of dark ambient, space soundscapes, drones, symphonic & futuristic touches, and sci-fi elements...