Always fascinated by starry night, mysteries of the universe, science-fiction and post-apocalyptic visions of the futur, I try to transform those images into music thanks to some influences that are important for me. Here are my spiritual masters...

Mark Morgan                                                                Listen to "Underground Trouble"


A musician well-known for creating the soundtracks of the Fallout 1 & 2 games, picturing a post-apocalyptic world thanks to experimental ambient music. Dark atmospheres, industrial elements, threatening sounds and troubling bass drones...absolutely immersive.


Neurotech                                                               Listen to "Blue Screen Planet : Revelation"


Created by Wulf, Neurotech is an outstanding cybermetal project focusing both on agressive and ethereals moments. Futuristic music with lots of electronic sounds, piano, atmospheric moments, spacy choirs and above all...emotions. I spend a lot of time listening to Neurotech's piece of work and I am not disappointed.


David Bergeaud                                                                        Listen to "DreadZone Station"


A critically-acclaimed musician as well as a multi instrumentist, he is a great film, television and video game composer. He totally impressed me with all his creations in the "Ratchet & Clank" game series : cybernetic stuff, great electronic art and absolutely futuristic symphonic elements bringing both sci-fi & spacy atmospheres. I am really a big fan of his work.


Arcturus                                                                                             Listen to "Star-crossed"

One of the most influencial sympho black metal bands of all time. Arcturus brought a brand new vision of avantgarde metal with its spacy and psychedelic albums. Surnatural and cosmic journey are the main themes, represented through cold atmospheres, majestic keys and captivating vocals. 

Darkspace                                                                                         Listen to "Dark 3.17"

Delivering minimalist space black metal, their freezing and unhuman music has captivated me. I like their way of mixing long & agressive moments to slow and atmospheric parts. They depict the coldness and darkness of space wonderfully through their albums. Their guitars and keys are magic...