...mysterious, deep, abolishing landmarks of every kind - Gasp about "Towards the Sun"


Release date : November, 27th 2015



1- Cosmic DNA

2- Kepler 186f

3- Lux in Tenebris

4- Beneath the Surface

5- Drifting Through Time and Space

6- Radiant Star

7- The Nebulas Wishes


Credits : 

Music by M.

Artwork by Icelander Studios

Layout and cover by Kristian Widqvist



"Many faceted artist M created Zalys in 2013 and already qualify for a place in the throne room together with long runned acts such as Alpha Wave Movement and Atomine Elektrine. Taking inspiration from genres as different as black metal and cinematic soundtracks Zalys deep and spacious sound explore the territories and vastness of outer space. Zalys fifth album Sublime opens in a distant place, void of life. Only signals from galaxies afar or echoes from parallel once flickers through. Zalys is the explorer passing enigmas and worlds beyond our imagination, leaving us with a longing to go back there again (and again). 

It is with great pleasure that Reverse Alignment welcome Zalys to our midst with a promise of even greater musical experiences to come." 

The Haunted Moon

Release date : October, 31st 2015


Tracklist :

1- Cemetery of Forgotten Souls

2- Abyssus

3- The Post Modern Prometheus (The X-Files / Mark Snow Cover)

4- JJ's Diner (The X-Files / Mark Snow Cover)


Halloween's release on Bandcamp

Credits : Music by M.

Artwork by Icelander Studios

Lux in Tenebris

Release date : March, 21th 2015


1- Lux in Tenebris

2- Drifting Through Time and Space


Music, concept, mixing and mastering by M.

Artwork and logo design @Icelanderstudios

Release on Bandcamp


This is a direct tribute to the solar eclipse that occurred on March 20th 2015. I wanted to depict this astral event with this record, focusing on contrasts. Both lightness and darkness are represented through those two tracks, It is ethereal and oppressive at the same time, warm and cold. 


Release date : March, 10th 2015


1- Leaking in the Machine Room

2- Aftermath

3- Hopeless Mind

4- Downfall

5- Into Oblivion

6- Industrial Dementia

7- System Failure

8- Reminiscences

9- The Last Remains of Humanity


Music, concept, mixing and mastering by M.

Artwork and logo design by Arecibo Records

Release by Arecibo Records


"Reminiscences" is the sequel of "The Icarus System" released on september 2014. Still alone in his spaceship, the protagonist is more and more experiencing the sentiment of solitude that demolishes his spirit. A leak in the machine room does not help at all either, as he gets affected by hallucinations and visions. Reminiscences of the past are tormenting him as he is slowly remembering the different events that occured on his planet just after the apocalypse and just before his leaving on his home-made ship.

The Icarus System

Release date : September, 9th 2014



1- Sounds of Planets

2- Icarus

3- The Second Moon

4- Orbital

5- Of Dreams and Dust

6- The Next Step

7- Summoning the Phoenix (Bonus track)(Remastered)



Music, concept, mixing and mastering by M.

Artwork and logo design @ Icelander Studios



The listeners are following the "space wanderer" in his journey as he is approchaing the Icarus System after having detecting some signals. The planet Icarus and its three moons draw his attention in his quest of finding human survivors...


Release date : March, 26th 2014



1- Infinity

2- Diamonds in Scorpio's Tail



Music, concept, mixing and mastering by M.

Artwork and logo design @ Icelander Studios


We are still traveling in the vastness and infinity of the universe and discovering a wonderful star cluster in the Scorpio's constellation. 

Towards the Sun


Release date : January, 4th 2014



1- Solar Wind

2- Towards the Sun

3- Flares

4- A New Beginning




Music and concept by M.

Artwork and logo @ Icelander Studios

Mixing and Mastering by Déhà Amsg at HH Studios


The space wanderer is torn between the need of discovering the beauty of the universe and the will to die as he is alone and more and more hopeless. Optimism and pessimism are both present in this record, representing the disturbed mind of the traveler wanderer. As a result, this EP deals with his trip towards the sun, from the sweet caress of the Solar Wind to the violent and blazing flares. 

Summoning the Phoenix

Release date: July, 25th 2013



1- At the Edge of the Universe

2- Dark Matter

3- Echoes of a Vanished World

4- All That Exists

5- Distorted Perception

6- Manificence of Vastness

7- Summoning the Phoenix

8- Sunrise in Deep Space



Music, concept, artwork, logo and mastering by M.

Released through Le Crépuscule du Soir Prod.


"Summoning the Phoenix" is the future of humanity, a path where all surviving humans can complete their rebirth. A deep and cold journey in space with paranormal activities, strange meetings, dark contemplations and wonderful visions, introduce both by celestial moments but also disturbing and terrifying ones.


Wandering Through Space

Release date : March, 24th 2013



1- Song of a Dying Planet

2- Wasteland

3- Into the Stellar Void

4- Neptune

5- The Singularity

6- Shipwreck

7- To the Core

8- Wandering Through Space

9- ...Formatting (A Dark Halo Cover) 



All music, concept and mastering by M.

Except "...Formatting" written and composed by A Dark Halo


Released through Le Crépuscule du Soir Prod.


First part of the concept, this album is about a man wandering through space after the destruction of his planet. A series of tracks dealing  with his lost jouney into the darkness & coldness of the universe, from mysterious places to black holes, and many more...