" Super dark space ambient ! " - Patsker (bandcamp) about "Sagittarius B2"

The Celestial Abyss

Release date : June, 1st 2015

Tracklist :

Saturn Form Essence

1- Pillars of Creation

2- Sirius

3- NGC 1981

4- STTI 300 028

5- NTRL JNI 8012

6- Structure 1-3-94


7- Electromagnetic Field

8- The Celestial Abyss

9- Jupiterian

Credits :

Saturn Form Essence is : S. (all music, concept, logo, mixing and mastering)

Zalys is : M. (all music, concept, logo, mixing and mastering)


Two years after "Sagittarius B2", Saturn Form Essence and Zalys are back with this new split album called "The Celestial Abyss" focused on the enigmatic and powerful forces of the universe.

Crossing the Asteroid Field

Release date : May, 5th 2014


Tracklist : 


1- Cosmic Dust


2- Echoes of a Vanished World

3- Trojans

4- 2012 DA 14



Hulduefni is : João Simões (all instruments, mixing and mastering)

Zalys is : M. (all instruments, mixing, logos and artworks)



Zalys' three tracks deal with a trip among asteroids. The atmosphere is mainly threatening with some little strange sounds. 

I come up with the idea of creating such a concept after watching "The Empire Strikes Back" when Solo and his friends, on board of the Millenium Falcon, are crossing a large and dangerous asteroid field. Epic moment in the movie.

Sagittarius B2

Release date: April, 27th 2013




1- Distorted Perception

2- The Singularity

3- Sagittarius B2

Saturn Form Essence

4- STTI_300_028

5- Dead Cosmic Isolation



Saturn Form Essence is: S. (all impulses and artwork)

Zalys is: M. (all instruments)

Released through Depressive Illusions Rec.


Sagittarius B2 is a giant molecular cloud of gas and dust located about 390 light-year from the center of the Milky Way. It's the largest cloud in the vicinity of the core and one of the largest in the galaxy.